How Clothing Trends Start

There’s two primary ways in which clothing trends get began, and in lots of ways those are the complete opposite of each other. Around the one hands, clothing trends can begin due to designers and getting their designs trickle into mass production. However, they are able to start because something becomes common as a kind of social “meme” and so the store select the trend up.


Designers seldom produce clothes that almost all people put on. Rather, they produce clothing that’ll be worn, for the most part, with a model and possibly just one wealthy person. However, their fashion shows is going to be viewed by countless less famous designers that are looking suggestions for mass manufacture of clothing.

This method will often take two steps (although the first might be skipped). First, upscale designers will get clothing suggestions for their costly clothing lines. Second, after they’ve been worn for some time by more wealthy people, individuals who design clothing for mass production can create less costly versions from the clothing which will then be offered within the stores.

Grass Roots

Another method in which clothing trends get began may be the “grass-roots” method. Within this situation, a specific kind of clothes are worn with a popular person or small group inside a smaller sized social group. So, for instance, somebody that is really a “skater” might find a specific kind of shirt “awesome.”

When others for the reason that social group begin to see the “awesome” person putting on the specific design, they’ll then begin to emulate it, and it’ll become representational from the group in general. At that time, demand will rapidly outstrip supply in the end, the clothes are not mass created yet. Either the clothing company finds a method to satisfy the new demand, or clones from the original clothing is going to be created and they’ll end up being the trend rather.