Five Things to Do when your Refrigerator Arrives at your Doorstep

You have done your homework, shopping, and deliberating. However, do not think that your refrigerator-related job is done as soon as the appliance arrives at your doorstep. You need to do some things when your ref arrives. Here are tips to help you prepare for the delivery:

Take the Time to Inspect the Fridge on the Stop

As with other major deliveries, you want to make sure the fridge has no missing parts or problems before you sign for the delivery. In case you find any damage, refuse the shipment. Inspecting the appliance on the spot will make it possible for you to prove the damage happened before the delivery. Check out options at

Ask about the Extension Cord

As you purchase the fridge, ask the store or manufacturer about how long the cord of the fridge is. This way, you will know if the cord length will be a problem considering the distance from the outlet. If this is the case, you will need an extension cord. But, make sure you ask the professional if they can suggest a specific cord since the fridge might need it to handle the amps it will draw.

Get Rid of the Smell

After plugging in your fridge, think about leaving the door open for a bit while it cools down. This must be done before putting any food inside it. This can eliminate the new car smell which often accompanies any new appliances. But, you should only do this when the smell bothers you. Usually, fridge manufacturers have specific instructions on what to do with the fridge after plugging in and before placing food items inside it.

Check the Settings

Depending on the kind of fridge you choose, the fridge and freezer might have separate settings that you need to check. The last thing you want is discovering frozen or spoiled food. The compartments could take up to 24 hours to hit their respective temperatures so consider shopping for grocery the next day.

Pay Attention to the Shelves

Refrigerators have unlimited shelve and basket configurations. Consider how and where you want to store items and plan on what makes sense for you. Do you tend to consume plenty of homemade iced tea and use a very tall pitcher? If so, ensure there is space to accommodate this height. Or do you perhaps you prioritise having shelves closer together? Make sure you consider your needs, and food habits when picking a fridge.