6 Etiquettes to Pay Heed to When Playing at a Golf Course

Let’s have a look at some of the basic yet important etiquette every golf player must observe and follow while playing. Keep in mind that safety is the first and foremost responsibility of a player. So, before you make a stroke or practicing a swing, ensure that no one is near you or in the course of the ball.

We have listed much similar etiquette for every golf player to follow. Have a read.

  1. A golf player having an honor plays first, prior to his competitor. When a golf player is addressing the ball, no one should stand near to the player or in the path of the ball or nearby the hole. And no one should make any movement or talk when the golf player is making a stroke. There shouldn’t be any kind of undue delay when it comes to making a stroke.

  1. If the ball is lost and the golf player is seeking it, he should notify other players following and let them pass. He must not play as long as all the other players have passed him. Once play in one hole is done, the player should leave the putting green instantly.
  2. On a golf course, if there is more than one tournament being organized, a single player should always give way to the golfing tournament. A match hosting full rounds will get priority over any shorter matches being made.
  3. After the game has been played in a bunker, the player should fill up the holes or make footprints with utmost care while playing on that spot. If the turf is displaced, then he should replace it immediately and firmly press it. Also, any kind of damage caused by the ball must be repaired. Players and caddies must ensure that no kind of damage is caused to the green or the hold while putting the flag stick or the bag or even to the Most Portable Golf Practice Net. They should also ensure that the hole or the green must not be damaged when the ball is picked up. The flagstick must accurately be replaced in the hole before the player leaves the putting green.

  1. If the player is practicing swing, ensure that the tee is left undamaged.
  2. Addressing the ball means when the player has taken stance and grounded the club. Penalty is charged when a ball moves due to the wind or any other reason even when the player hasn’t done anything.