April 2019


How Product Packaging Affects the Buying Decision of Shoppers

Every brand should know that their packaging can have an impact on their customers. Consumers tend to react to colors and the emotions associated with them, affecting their response to the product. Depending on the brand’s chosen color, they can evoke feelings of security, trust, relaxation, and more. Feelings motivate decisions and actions and what shoppers feel as they look at a product will affect their buying decision.

Thus, businesses that are still using brown boxes for shipping purposes are missing out marketing opportunities. Usually, shoppers develop an emotional attachment to specific brands. Using every opportunity to address such a bond can guarantee returning customers. Product packaging specialists know how to transform plain packaging into something that captures the attention of shoppers. Here’s how product packaging impacts the decision of shoppers:

Consumers Recall Memories and Feelings through an Effective Logo

Shoppers who have positive associations with a brand logo tend to build long-term relationships with brands. That is why brands need to choose a packaging company that can customize their packaging labels to include their logo.

They Keep an Eye on Package Color

The majority of packaging experts know that one of the best ways to capture the attention of shoppers is through color. Colors can influence customer purchases. The best packaging company should be able to tell brands the perfect colors to be used in certain marketing situations. For example, red is usually used during clearance sales to invoke a sense of urgency.

Fortunately, there are a lot of resources that businesses can utilize during the design process to choose the right color. From labeling companies to marketing agencies, they can use outside sources to give their product a leg up on creativity. For instance, they can consider custom packaging by Refine Packaging.

They Pay Attention to Typography

In terms of packaging design, font choice s an important aspect. Although brands can use color to attract customers, the text allows consumers to know the benefits of a certain product. The text must be streamlined for quick scanning and easy to read to prevent customers from feeling frustrated. Packaging experts can provide user-friendly case label applications to suit the needs of any business.

They Respond to Unique Package Designs

Surveys revealed that more than 50% of shoppers would return to a business for another purchase when they get a product in premium packaging. It is possible for shoppers to reuse unique, well-designed packaging. Businesses can take advantage of this secondary form of marketing instead of just depending only on word of mouth techniques.

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