March 2019


Seek Knowledge about Fish Oil before Buying It

Several websites sell health products like balms, oils, ointments, shampoos etc.Fish oil can be bought from such e-retailers but there are a few sites that dedicatedly sell it. So, the specialised sites could also be chosen for a good deal. Knowledge should be acquired regarding the purity of the product because it is generally used for health benefit. A brand that has good reputation in selling fish oil should be chosen.

Best fish oil Singapore is popular among folks because of the health factor associated to it. Curaxia is one of the Singaporean e-retailers that sell different types of specialised fish oils.

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How to pick the best sofa

The sofa is an integral part of your home. Whether the living room or the bed room, you need proper sitting area so that guests can be entertained. When shopping for sofas, you must ensure that they are comfortable and that of high quality as they will be used a lot.  For this reason, it is recommended that you take your time when shopping for the sofa. You must test different styles, fills and fabrics of sofas before finalizing any one. Ensure that the chosen sofa goes well with your décor and that it will be a good match in your home.

When searching for the right sofa for your home, you will search the several furniture shops in Singapore. Instead just turn over to FurnitureSG as we have large varieties of sofas for all parts of the home.

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6 Etiquettes to Pay Heed to When Playing at a Golf Course

Let’s have a look at some of the basic yet important etiquette every golf player must observe and follow while playing. Keep in mind that safety is the first and foremost responsibility of a player. So, before you make a stroke or practicing a swing, ensure that no one is near you or in the course of the ball.

We have listed much similar etiquette for every golf player to follow. Have a read.

  1. A golf player having an honor plays first, prior to his competitor. When a golf player is addressing the ball, no one should stand near to the player or in the path of the ball or nearby the hole. And no one should make any movement or talk when the golf player is making a stroke. There shouldn’t be any kind of undue delay when it comes to making a stroke.

  1. If the ball is lost and the golf player is seeking it, he should notify other players following and let them pass. He must not play as long as all the other players have passed him. Once play in one hole is done, the player should leave the putting green instantly.
  2. On a golf course, if there is more than one tournament being organized, a single player should always give way to the golfing tournament. A match hosting full rounds will get priority over any shorter matches being made.
  3. After the game has been played in a bunker, the player should fill up the holes or make footprints with utmost care while playing on that spot. If the turf is displaced, then he should replace it immediately and firmly press it. Also, any kind of damage caused by the ball must be repaired. Players and caddies must ensure that no kind of damage is caused to the green or the hold while putting the flag stick or the bag or even to the Most Portable Golf Practice Net. They should also ensure that the hole or the green must not be damaged when the ball is picked up. The flagstick must accurately be replaced in the hole before the player leaves the putting green.

  1. If the player is practicing swing, ensure that the tee is left undamaged.
  2. Addressing the ball means when the player has taken stance and grounded the club. Penalty is charged when a ball moves due to the wind or any other reason even when the player hasn’t done anything.
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Five Things to Do when your Refrigerator Arrives at your Doorstep

You have done your homework, shopping, and deliberating. However, do not think that your refrigerator-related job is done as soon as the appliance arrives at your doorstep. You need to do some things when your ref arrives. Here are tips to help you prepare for the delivery:

Take the Time to Inspect the Fridge on the Stop

As with other major deliveries, you want to make sure the fridge has no missing parts or problems before you sign for the delivery. In case you find any damage, refuse the shipment. Inspecting the appliance on the spot will make it possible for you to prove the damage happened before the delivery. Check out options at

Ask about the Extension Cord

As you purchase the fridge, ask the store or manufacturer about how long the cord of the fridge is. This way, you will know if the cord length will be a problem considering the distance from the outlet. If this is the case, you will need an extension cord. But, make sure you ask the professional if they can suggest a specific cord since the fridge might need it to handle the amps it will draw.

Get Rid of the Smell

After plugging in your fridge, think about leaving the door open for a bit while it cools down. This must be done before putting any food inside it. This can eliminate the new car smell which often accompanies any new appliances. But, you should only do this when the smell bothers you. Usually, fridge manufacturers have specific instructions on what to do with the fridge after plugging in and before placing food items inside it.

Check the Settings

Depending on the kind of fridge you choose, the fridge and freezer might have separate settings that you need to check. The last thing you want is discovering frozen or spoiled food. The compartments could take up to 24 hours to hit their respective temperatures so consider shopping for grocery the next day.

Pay Attention to the Shelves

Refrigerators have unlimited shelve and basket configurations. Consider how and where you want to store items and plan on what makes sense for you. Do you tend to consume plenty of homemade iced tea and use a very tall pitcher? If so, ensure there is space to accommodate this height. Or do you perhaps you prioritise having shelves closer together? Make sure you consider your needs, and food habits when picking a fridge.

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Where Can You Use an Army Knife?

A lot of people find themselves keeping a small pack of utility tools with them or at least in their cars in case of an emergency. More often than not, this will include a variety of tools that are designed to be used to help people out if their cars have stopped working for one reason or another. However, these tools will end up taking quite a bit of space. This can make it difficult to find a proper place to keep all your utility tools. Thankfully, there are some ways that you can keep all your tools located in one area. For example, multitools are a great way to give one tool a number of uses. Multitools are also known for conserving quite a bit of space as well, which is something that most people appreciate. There are a variety of multitools that you can choose from.

One of the most iconic multitools that people all over the world know about is the Swiss army knife. These are known for having a few vital tools that can be used in just about every situation to having far more tools that you really know what to do with. Whether you want something that you can fit in your pocket or purse and bring everywhere you go or you want one single tool that you can use to handle any problem that you face in life, you can rest assured knowing that there will be an army knife just for you.

What Kinds of Army Knives Are There?

Of course, there are the army knives that most people know best: the ones with about eight tools attached to them. These multitools usually have scissors, a knife, a file, a bottle opener, and a few more accessories. These army knives are small enough that you can easily put it in your pocket or purse without any discomfort at all, but they are useful enough that you should keep one with you just about anywhere you go. With that in mind, there are some multitools that go farther than this. Some multitools are designed to be an all-in-one gadget, sometimes literally. Typically, the larger tools will have closer to 30 tools attached to them. While this makes them a little bit bulkier than the standard ones, it also means that you won’t really need many other tools when you have that one. From a wood saw that you can use in an emergency to a sewing eye and even a fish scaler, having one of these larger tools is a choice that you will not regret. Deciding which tool suits your needs best is completely up to you, with each multitool fitting different purposes in life.

Why Should You Consider Getting an Army Knife?

Choosing to invest in a multitool is a choice that will have many benefits down the road. Nobody really wants to be stuck or stranded in an area that he or she cannot easily get out of but with a comprehensive multitool in your pocket, you will have the materials you need to help yourself out. In fact, these multitools can even be helpful in typical, everyday life as well as emergency situations. No matter what you are doing, you will surely find a use for your multitool.

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